Titan Bots - Experimental Designs
Temarius walker titan bot revision 01 2019


Temarius walker temarius walker titan bots compilation 01


Temarius walker titan bot 02


Temarius walker titan bot 03
Temarius walker titan bot 01
Temarius walker titan bot 01 02 sharpen 01
Temarius walker titan bots 02 final line 03


Titan Bots - Experimental Designs

Here are a collection of robots that I designed as a apart of my art test for SVA Games.

#1 Insect inspired bot – fast and sleek, specializes in offense and attack power.
Can use blades, lasers for to slaughter enemies

#2 Armored Striker - This heavy armored striker bot has high attack power and strong defense, making it almost invincible. It lacks speed due to its heavy armor.

#3 - This bot is capable of close and ranged combat. This robot is also fast and sleek but has poor defense.

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